marlene-sessionsIt’s a huge risk to love, live and work from a place that is “undefended”. Taking risks is an integral part of living life authentically. How you peel the layers of defense and what it looks like to be “undefended” is unique to where you are in your process and personal evolution. This is not a cookie-cutter approach as it is meant to bring out what genuinely wants to express itself through you in this very moment.

For over 3 decades I have been devoted to working with individuals and couples in a deep, direct and compassionate way. I love tapping into the underlying meaning and purpose of life’s initiations and identifying the emerging trajectory. My main focus is to help you see and embrace the challenges you face, move into self-inquiry and facilitate your personal expansion and authentic self-expression. Learning to have “insight into your inner process” is one of the greatest liberators available, revealing who you truly are beyond habits of accommodation, avoidance, rebellion and self-doubt.

This work will help you clarify and understand what is truly fulfilling for you in your relationship with yourself and others and help you identify and release the obstacles that prevent you from living your life more fully in joy, strength and an open heart.

My next passion and inspiration was ushered in by my own midlife passage and the urgent, often unsettling question of “how shall I live the second half of my life”? Everything from aging, changing priorities, loss of interest and the desire for freedom pointed to the fact that the journey was about to become more surprising than I had ever anticipated. When you no longer try to fit yourself into a conforming package and give yourself room to be your own collection of characters, and be true to those characters, miracles start to happen. This Call is an initiation to truly ripen and experience the sweetness of your soul living a life that is unapologetic and spirited.

Whether you feel urged to move through a life transition, longing for deeper contact with your true nature or desire to grow a sustainable partnership, there is no time to waste.

I see individuals and couples in-person, via phone-consultations and Skype. I work with clients in an ongoing way or work on a consultation basis.

Please phone 510.777.9889 or email to discuss scheduling a session.

jett-sessionsI offer clients guidance in a form of self-inquiry work that combines western psychological thought and eastern spiritual traditions. I call this the “Undefended Approach”. My central focus is helping you become more fully awake, alive and present – connected with your innermost self in a way that can be expressed in your outermost self – so that you are better able to live from your deeper being.

This approach is most likely to benefit you if you have a commitment to both personal and spiritual growth, and if you are willing to use the challenges you face as vehicles for self-inquiry, self-insight and transformation.

The Undefended Approach begins with the understanding, perhaps appreciated only intellectually at first, that within each of us is an inner core of goodness — a place of love, joy and peace — and that each of us can use our relationships (with ourselves, others, money, sexuality, work…) to help us learn how to access and express this authentic center of our being. By identifying the layers of emotional defense we have built-up over our lives, and by interrupting the ways we keep adding to these layers, we learn to peel back, dissolve or reshape the personality structure (our emotional defense system) so that it becomes a transparent vehicle through which our Essential Self can be cultivated and expressed.

My other great love, passion, and latest unfolding of work over the past decade is my work with those navigating their midlife passage. If you are between 42 and 65 years old, you are, more than likely, navigating the often emotionally turbulent – and incredibly transformative – middle years of your life. Please go to my other website, to learn more.

In addition to public workshops, I work with individuals and couples in person at The Conscious Living Center in the San Francisco Bay Area, over the phone and via Skype or iChat. I work with clients in an ongoing way or work on a consultation basis.

Please phone 510.777.9998 or email or to discuss scheduling a session.

“Undefended Love is an invaluable resource for both identifying the major obstacles to intimacy and offering powerful modern and ancient tools for becoming undefended partners and our essential selves in all of our relationships.”
~ Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. The Four-Fold Way and Signs of Life

“There is a new paradigm of relationship emerging from the shattered marriages of the past forty years. For the authors the key is a new kind of love, a love that is not burdened by the host of selves that are designed to keep us safe and separate from each other. Most of all, Undefended Love is about a totally new kind of intimacy that is possible when one’s heart is opened to the deeper possibilities of conscious relationships.”
~ Hal and Sidra Stone, Embracing Ourselves and Embracing Each Other

“If intimacy is understood as stripping away your outer, more public ways of being and sharing your inner life with another, the Psaris and Lyons have written the definitive guidebook. Their description of the conditioned self and the journey to authenticity is not only precise and thorough, but extremely readable as well. For anyone on a journey to intimacy, this book will be a great delight to read.”
~ Susan Page, How One of You Can Bring Two of You Together and The 8 Essential Traits of Couples Who Thrive

“Our deep and aching desire for enduring love drives many of us repeatedly into relationships that offer little chance of lasting fulfillment. In Undefended Love, Psaris and Lyons go straight to the heart of what is most important to all of us: how to be in an intimate relationship that nourishes and sustains us and our partner. Undefended Love calls us to an expression of the courage and compassion needed to authentically know who we are and fearlessly share that truth with another person, to come home to ourselves, and experience the powerful joy of truly intimate loving. It is a jewel of a book.
~ Mary Manin Morrissey, Building Your Field of Dreams